Timber Frame Dehumidification


Building during the winter months is challenging. New Zealand has strict regulations in place around humidity in the timber framing, and a high moisture content can cause time delays and cost overruns.

Excessive moisture can damage building materials and components, for example wooden materials can warp, swell, or rot and become a breeding ground for mould or fungus.

Moreover, excess moisture can lead to unwanted future problems such as cracked plasterboard and popped fasteners.

If humidity is above 20% the building won’t pass the pre-line inspection (required before GIB can be installed), potentially resulting in unwanted time delays for the project.

Timber Frame Dehumidification-Black

About our timber frame dehumidification service

Our system uses top-quality German-made industrial dehumidifiers, fans and ventilators to safely and effectively reduce moisture levels on the building site. Each purpose-built unit has a drying capacity of 150 litres of moisture per 24 hours.

We designed our system to dry the interior of a house gradually and safely by heating it slowly to 27C. This avoids any timber shrinkage or warping. Our process is tried and proven to gently coax out moisture without affecting the integrity of the timber.

How long does our timber frame dehumidification take?

It generally takes between 48 and 72 hours to reduce moisture levels to below the minimum required for code compliance, depending on the size of the house.

Our service ensures less downtime while waiting for a pre-line inspection to be cleared, allowing builders to catch up on schedules and meet deadlines. This keeps your project running on time and on budget, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

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